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Short Implant


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Short Implant

Short implants are specially designed for patients with shorter tooth roots and less bone volume. Unlike traditional implants, these implants require less bone volume and may not require additional bone grafts in some cases.


Bella Plus Turkey successfully utilizes short implants by carefully selecting the right patients and applying them with precision.




The outcomes of my Short Implant procedure are nothing short of revolutionary.

Alex C.

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Before and After Photos

Advantages of Short Implants

  1. Bone grafting to compensate for less height is unnecessary.

  2. Less money, pain and time associated with various surgical procedures before placement of implant.

  3. Complex surgical techniques are often associated with complications during surgery such as bleeding, perforation of the Schneiderian membrane or nerve injury and post-operatively such as transient or permanent alteration of mandibular sensation, graft and/or membrane exposure, infections and increased peri-implant bone loss. This can be avoided.

  4. Osteotomy preparation is simplified since shorter bone preparation is required at the implant site which provides direct access for water irrigation and reduces the possibility of bone overheating.

  5. Implant insertion is easier.

  6. Angulation to load is improved with short osteotomy site since the basal bone beyond the original alveolar ridge is not always located in the long axis of the missing tooth.

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