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Brazilian Butt Lift


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Brazilian Butt Lift - Sculpt Your Buttocks And Slim Your Body

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a body contouring procedure to sculpt your buttocks and slim your body through a specialized sequence of techniques, including liposuction and autologous fat grafting. Your hypnotic hips will be mesmerizing with a little lift by Bella Plus Turkey.




From my initial consultation to the post-operative follow-up, the team made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire journey

Sophia R.


Before and After Photos

About BBL

A Brazilian butt lift is an effective way to augment the buttocks. Using fat taken from the patient’s own body, this gluteal re-contouring procedure creates a pair of full and shapely buttocks. Appreciation for a finely sculpted behind is more evident than ever these days. Social media influencers have changed the contours of the conversation about what constitutes a beautiful body in our day and age.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is among the most popular procedures in plastic surgery today. Some recent data has indicated that a person undergoes a fat transfer procedure to their buttocks every 30 seconds. And, there’s a good reason for that: the Brazilian Butt Lift is a transformational surgery, and when performed by a board-certified surgeon, the procedure is safe and effective.

Brazilian Benefits

A BBL lends a luscious lift to your bottom that will make you look great from every angle. A key advantage of the BBL is that it uses grafts of your own fat tissue to give you a boost. You can add volume where you want it for rounder hips and a butt with more projection while reducing it where you don’t!

Lift Your Lifestyle With BBL

  • Body contouring is included in the procedure

  • Form-flattering buttock augmentation

  • Autologous fat tissue equals minimized risks

  • Natural-looking results


The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is actually a sequence of surgeries meant to trim down some areas and augment others. A round of Liposuction initiates your BBL. Using precise Liposculpture techniques, your surgeon shall first harvest donor fat from your belly, love handles, and other problem spots that you’d like to improve.

After the removed fat has been processed and purified, your autologous fat can now be grafted to your beautiful booty. Your surgeon will inject the fat grafts artfully under the skin. With an eye on your already existing contours, your doctor can adequately augment them.


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